What Is Article Spinning? – Khachaturyan Nataliya, Semalt Expert, Explains How To Optimize Content For SEO Purposes

Article spinning is the process of rewriting articles to create original copies and to avoid duplicate content issues that may result in penalties from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The idea is to write an article and then create its unique copies hundreds to thousands of time. The different versions of the same article or web content are called spun articles. Besides, a writer rewriting an article is responsible for including links back to the original web page within the text. All these links inform Google that this specific website is famous and will push the search engines to improve its ranking.

You can easily create spun articles, but their quality is not up to the mark. As you know, it takes a lot of time to create original content, but that will definitely help you improve the ranking of your website. In fact, spun content also is the black hat SEO version of an article. Khachaturyan Nataliya, Semalt Content Strategist, says that the trouble is that there is no practical way to avoid spinning of articles.

Why Spinning Articles is Bad for your Website

It's safe to mention that article marketing is the most famous and reliable way of marketing your products, ideas, and services on the internet. Tons of articles are spun every day, and lots of spinning programs and software can't help to create multiple copies of the same piece of content. Most often, the articles are spun for marketing purposes and for creating thousands of backlinks to a website.

Google loves fresh content

Search engines love fresh and relevant content. Blogs and websites that regularly publish original articles are ranked higher in the search engine results than the sites and blogs that don't pay attention to publishing original articles.

All article spinning tools and software create unreadable versions

You can never depend on an article spinning tool or software because all of them generate low-quality and unreadable articles. If you are using a spinning software, you have to make sure that the content is readable and fully optimized for SEO purposes. Unfortunately, the article spinning tools are not reliable and provide you with content copies that are difficult to read.

Words and phrases are different, and the ideas and concepts are the same

With an article spinning tool, you can only create multiple copies of the same content, but the quality is not up to the mark. Words and phrases will be different, but the main idea and concept are always the same. It means the article spinning software will generate low-quality versions only and you cannot rely on such a program as it will never help you improve the ranking of your site.

Article spinning is unethical

The webmasters and bloggers believe that spinning of articles unethical and should not be a part of our lives. If you realize the importance of unique and genuine content, you will never want to spin your article. Repetitive copies of the same content can cause problems for your site and other webmasters, and that's the reason this practice is considered unethical and immoral.